Dear, Sir/Madam I am the Chairman of the Board of PJSC «Svetotechnika», Ukraine. We are specializing on the manufacture and sale of lighting and electrical goods in Ukraine and beyond its borders. In March at the exhibition Lighting Fair the 17th I visited the stand of your company. Would you be so kind to give us the prices for COB . Best regards, Chairman of the Board Vladimir Fominykh

letter of inquiry

To whom it may concern. Our company is engaged in the production of LED lamps. The manufacturing is in China, so it is convenient to obtain the components in China. Our products are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Northern Europe. Now we are planning to organize the production of lamps for growing plants and fruits that are used in greenhouses in agriculture.Therefore, we are looking for suppliers of LEDs. We are interested in regular supplies of qualitative LEDs with service life of not less than 50 000 hours, radiating light with a wavelength of 730 nm, 660 nm, 450 nm, with a power of 1 and 3 W. LEDs should be with lens, which diffuse a radiating light on 90 angle degrees. In addition, we are ready to purchase COB matrixes, which LED chips are mounted in, radiating at different wavelengths (730 nm – 13%, 660 nm – 62%, 450 nm – 25%). We are particularly interested in cooperation with you. Please, send us wholesale prices on your production. If for some reason you can not sell us the sought products, may you please give us the supplier's contacts in China, which is your dealer. Best regards, Michael Kurochkin --- KRGS Limited HK Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Solutions Contact us: to save your time, money and energy


please send your email address and phones number. we are looking for led smd best regards by reza


我是歐菲達照明公司的項先生  ,我想了解下你們公司燈珠的情況


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